Machine Rebuilds

Does your machine look like this?

Packaging machinery no longer supported by the manufacturer?

Parts now obsolete?

Sounds familiar.

If your manufacturing machines are over fifteen years old then chances are they are running with some obsolete electrical control components. If a breakdown occurs you may struggle to find replacement parts.

If the machine is older again then and something goes wrong you may be looking at a major redesign or even a new machine.

You could be without production for weeks to months whilst you try to fix the problem or wait to take delivery of a new machine.


You don't have to be in this position.

If your machine is mechanically sound you might might choose a less expensive option and just replace the dated and unsupported control systems systems.

Acorn Control can offer a full electrical / mechanical rebuilt service using only quality components to your specification or a partial rebuild to replace only the parts required. Giving your machine a new lease of life for many mores years service.

Be proactive and plan in some down-time and have the machine rebuilt at a time which suits you.