Vision Inspection

Who is inspecting your products?
 You or your customers?

Manufacturers like yourselves face the daily problem of ensuring their
products reach retail outlets without manufacturing faults, such as...


  Missing or incorrectly printed.

Missing Parts

 Vision systems can count parts more quickly and accurately than  any operator.
 You could be counting for missing parts or counting the number of
cherries applied to a cake.

Faulty Bottle Tops

  Check that your bottle tops have been fitted correctly whilst you bottles are moving at high speed on your bottling line.

Lot Codes

 Check that the correct lot code has been printed.
 Check for presence that something has been printed or full character
recognition to read the correct code has been printed. This could then be sent to the machines PLC for data logging.

Gluing Failures

  Is the glue line there and has it been applied to the correct width without gaps.


  Vision systems can measure items very quickly whilst moving at high speeds. If the product fails to meet the preset length then it could be rejected at full line speed.

All these faults can lead to customers returning product or worse,
returning the whole batch.
This in turn can incur loss of customer confidence, return costs and potentially large fines.

Not something any supplier would welcome.

With a vision inspection system
from Acorn Control,
your products can be inspected for defects

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

at 100% line speed, at a price that will suit your budget,
increase your profit and in turn create peace of mind for
you and confidence for your customers.